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Nicole Rinaldi


Still of America Jayne "HOMECOMING"

What's New

America Jayne's upcoming release, Homecoming, has two music videos to accompany it. Both directed and designed by Nicole, bring visual bookends to the EP. America Jayne recorded her Debut EP "Homecoming" with producer Ronnie DiSimone (Daisy The Great, Del Water Gap, Annika Bennett, Halima, Jukebox the Ghost) to be released in July 2022.

"America Jayne is a rising LBGTQ alt-rock artist stamping her mark with a melancholy, yet exhilarating quality."- Atwood Magazine

Currently the first release "Scaredy Cat" has 198K views on Youtube.

Scaredy Cat Press Kit Linked HERE.

Still of America Jayne SCAREDY CAT
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