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Life of the party

Encapsulating the need to be the “life of the party,” even as you destroy yourself for it in powerful songwriting, the track dives deep into the narrator’s sense of self. Queer Brooklyn band America Jayne and director Nicole Rinaldi collaborate on a music video that is an exploration of alcohol abuse, especially visualizing the inner conflict of wanting to fit in with people drinking at a party. Featuring a party of tape-sculpture mannequins, this music video combines low-budget charm with stunning visuals. 


The video punches up the music with a surreal party of hollow partygoers- or people who can be “filled.” Through broken glass and grime, we see Erica (the band’s singer and songwriter) navigate them while being sober. 

Band: America Jayne

Director of Photography: Ian Havens

Editor: Spencer Smith
Stylist: Molly D'Amato
Colorist: Sam Zeilender 

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